In 1995, the father son team of Clay and Jay Ridley set out to create a big change in motorcycles. Their dream of creating a market for the automatic motorcycle was quickly realized and rewarded with overwhelming interest and rapid growth. Ridley Motorcycle's first model, the Speedster was a 3/4 scaled motorcycle with a proprietary 600cc v-twin engine. Noted for its unique size, large displacement and amazingly quick speeds the Speedster was the perfect vehicle to keep the company's direction and approach under the radar of the larger motorcycle manufacturers.

As success began to build so was Ridley's model line up. In 2002, Ridley Motorcycle introduced the first full size, fully automatic transmission street motorcycle, the Auto-Glide. By answering the demand of its customers, Ridley found a sizable niche with its core product focus of low seat height, light vehicle weight, and fully automatic transmission.

Ridley Motorcycle produced several thousand motorcycles that are enjoyed by riders around the World. And in 2009 as the World recession took its toll on most companies, the lack of retail and wholesale financing caused Ridley Motorcycle to close its doors.

While sales for new motorcycles struggled because of financing, the demand for parts and accessories for Ridley Motorcycles was very high. Ridley Motorcycle licensed 2 Wheel Ventures to market the company's genuine parts through an online store and direct to the dealers with success. As a licensee, 2 Wheel Ventures was able to focus on building inventory and meeting the needs of the Ridley Owners. But when Ridley announced it was closing, 2 Wheel Ventures purchased significantly all of the company's assets including millions in parts, and the production equipment, tooling, and all of the company's patents and trademarks.

The future for the Ridley Motorcycle brand looks very bright. Today, 2 Wheel Ventures is focused on keeping Ridley Motorcycles on the road with NOS (new old stock) parts, technical help, and new accessories. As the economy recovers so will the Ridley brand. 2 Wheel Ventures is committed to reviving America's Automatic Motorcycle company and helping even more riders enjoy the freedom and fun of riding two (or three) wheels on a Ridley Automatic Motorcycle.

Ridley Genuine Parts is a division of 2 Wheel Ventures committed to Ridley Motorcycle Dealers and Owners. The company is located only a few hundred yards from the original Ridley Motorcycle assembly plant in a 40,000 square foot facility. Several of RGP's staff are former Ridley Motorcycle Company team members and have been hired to keep the culture and attitude that made such an impact on motorcycling alive.

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